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Our team will partner with you to support your operations and achieve your vision, with a custom-made solution for your unique needs. 

Marpê Business Support Services

To keep ahead of the rest you have to innovate. We work with you to solve problems, manage operational challenges, create your technical documents and support your business goals. We assist with your change management, position your business through advertisements and support your growth through projects. We are your Caribbean partners with a team of competent experts in a range of business areas.
Nothing is too small nor to big for us to support you to achieve business success.

Assessing and designing relevant training programs to foster learning and and improve the skill level for greater success.
We work with companies and the general public to improve performance in work and for life.

Human Resource Management

Of all the resources you have in your company the human beings who work with you are most valuable. We can assist you in any stage within your human resource management processes. Be it recruiting, staff retention and development or relief, our Employee Assistance Program is there to when valuable staff members need psycho-social support to manage life challenges that affect their ability to function effectively or efficiently. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Though you may be good at leading your company within the specific area of services or products in your core business, the art and science of planning may not be your strong point. In an ever changing business environment, with limited resources, your staff and executive being supported through a realistic strategic planning exercise adds a beneficial layer to your organization so all outputs can be targeted to achieve specific inputs for total success. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Product Management

Managing your quality products by advertising, market positioning and selling your products based on your need to be in specific markets throughout the Caribbean region, Latin America and globally. Contact Us with your specific needs.

General Business Consultancy

Business is a dynamic, living and breathing set of operations, with challenges which occur from time to time. We can be your ‘go to’ team to assist you in anyway where business operations are concern. You may be a new company with contracts but need support in creating the operational aspects with accounts, human resources and procedures. You may be a state agency or organization with a long history and now required to change or re-position yourself and innovate. You may be a non-profit organization and need technical and marketing support. Contact Us to discuss your needs. 

Project Management

Any work needed that is outside of normal daily operations, when managing the completion time, the budget, requiring quality and the work scope is specific will benefit from a skilled Project Manager leading to ensure successful completion. We manage projects from conception to completion and in all types of industries. Be it within construction, oil and gas, social services or general business goals, our team can support you with technical skills. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Facility Management & Construction

We build, maintain and manage your facility, to achieve whatever you desire. Both on the Mayaro cost line and in the city centers.

What are your needs? Do you have drawings for an industrial building and need a construction team? Do you need a team to maintain your physical building from structure to landscape on an ongoing basis? We can also source a cleaning crew for daily or periodic cleaning. This can be especially helpful for companies and for properties where the owner lives abroad. Contact Us with your needs.

Procurement & Logistics Solutions

Whatever you need, we can source and supply. We source from countries in China, Europe, Africa, America and the Caribbean region. Based on the cost we will clear items and deliver it to your door. If you source your item on your own or need help with the logistics to move them from one place to another,let us work with you to create a solution. For construction and other specialized industries, we work with your team as your procurement & Logistics partner. Contact Us with your specific needs.

Marpê Culture Division

You cannot develop the Caribbean & Latin America in any meaningful way without engaging in the vibrant culture of the people. At Marpê we provide the tools that facilitate growth in the creative sector while promoting creativity and talent throughout the Region and export this to the global marketplace. Our products and services connect the region with the diaspora throughout the world.

Magazine Publication

Country Vibes Magazine is a global lifestyle magazine for the Caribbean & Latin America region, both at home and globally.
Written in English, French & Spanish, it is available online and in print. Be sure to check it out to subscribe for your magazine delivered to you in mail or online every 3 months and to advertise your products or business. Click now to our Store – US$ or our Store – TT$ and be part of the vibes. Our team will be engaging in the design of an African global magazine within the next quarter, as we advance the African Caribbean Museum Project with a global network.

Persons interested in being part of our writing and photography teams should Contact Us.

Advertising & Marketing

The magazines we publish has a unique reach to customers at levels within each country, regionally and globally. Marpê also have a radio program in Trinidad & Tobago, which can be heard global through 99.1FM frequency, every Sunday at 5-6pm, Caribbean time. Our growing network partnerships of media outlets, both within countries and online, are available at discounted rates for our clients to advertise and attract customers. Be it local, regional or global, Contact Us to be positioned in print, on air, online, at billboards or through social media. We also engage in global trade shows and direct marketing at strategic locations.

Tourism, Film & Events Management

Country Vibes Magazine is a global lifestyle magazine for the Caribbean & Latin America region, both at home and globally.
Written in English, French & Spanish, it is available online and in print. Be sure to check it out to subscribe and to advertise through our store.

Publication of Books & Journals

It is with great delight we announce the opening of Marpê Publishing Unit. This Unit provides the opportunity for individuals who have the desire to capture their story and those who have the talent to write. From children stories to academia, our team is ready and able to assit you with your manuscripts or with your desires. You bring the commitment – we bring the technical support. We do translations in English, French & Spanish, with all aspects of the publication process. We also market and manage sales. Contact Us to turn your dreams into reality. 

Marpê People Division

While money is important, people takes the center stage for living.  Every individual has to figure-out how to navigate through the streams of life and be successful at living. While the fundamentals for living is not the focus of our education system, some get-it and some don’t.

At Marpê we offer a range of holistic human development services, which promotes sound education, empowerment and the fundamentals through personal development. Health & wellness in mind, body and spirit is critical for successful living. See how we can be of service to you.

Medical Vacation to Cuba

Cuba is known globally for it’s high quality of medical care. We have partnered with the medical system of Cuba to offer medical vacation packages for physical and eye care. For preventative or curative medical services Contact Us to discuss your specific need.   

Employee Assistance Program

This is a program aimed at employers within both the private and public sectors. The mental health of your staff members can have a negative impact on the overall health and profitability of your company. We provide support to employees through an organized program for your company. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and create a program that is right for your company.  

Counseling & Social Work Services

We provide human development services for individuals who recognize their need. Give yourself and family individuals the same level of attention and care and attention as you give to your vehicle. We can support you at any stage in life. Contact Us to discuss your need.

Human Development Consultancy

Research and innovation within the areas of human is a challenge our team has taken, as we work with post-slavery countries like the Caribbean & Americas. As developing nations with governments who has been mandated to provide for all its citizen,  Marpê provides a new approach to human development. Contact US to discuss your needs.

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