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Our services and products are grouped within different divisions. We invite you to enter and view more details within a division, based on your company’s  interest and need.  We provide technical experts within each specialized area to work with you and your team to achieve your desired success. Contact Us to engage our services and Shop Now to purchase products we have created or which we manage.

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Services we provide

Medical, Occupational Safety & Emergency Response

Individuals who work within the petroleum industry are extremely valuable. Their years of experience, specialized knowledge and skills cannot easily be replaced. A team may have citizens from various countries, with specialized roles and expertise critical to operational success. Hence getting the best support to maintain good health and safety is of paramount concern. Knowing you have a competent team to respond, should an emergency arise, helps you to be comfortable and focus on your offshore or onshore operations.

At Marpê we understand your needs and supply competent and certified teams to provide Medical, Fire, Occupational Safety and Emergency Response services, to maintain wellness, optimal functionality and protect your valuable human and physical assets. We provide 24-hour - 7 days a week – 365 days each year coverage.

We supply manpower to support all your medical, Fire, health safety security and environment, dispatch, mental health and helicopter support needs. With the best in the region, team members are competent, reliable professional and dedicated. We offer supporting consultancy and project management services, even Crisis Management Plans, training & equipment maintenance.

Get the full service or customize parts to create the team that best meet your needs.
We are here to serve and to support your operations.

Logistics, Procurement, Product Management & Distribution

Our Logistics Management System is within the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and produce, from the point of origin to the point of departure, as requested by customers. With our growing global network we are your logistics management partner to ensure your goods and produce are processed, stored and transported with quality standards and as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Our procurement service will support you to purchase what you need and transport it to your doorstep. If you manufacture a product or you are an agriculture producer, let us manage your distribution system to reach customers locally, regionally and globally. With our online store system, you are able to take your goods and produce to customers at all levels. We take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Advertising, Media, Publishing

We are quite excited about our global lifestyle publications. Jamii Magazine focuses on all things African and the global diaspora. Country Vibes Magazine focuses on all things Caribbean & Latin America, regionally and globally.

We invite you to Advertise with us for customers and promotional campaigns locally, regionally and globally. Subscribe and be part of the global communities.

Education, Training & Continuous Development

Training is our passion and our team comprise of experienced instructors, university lecturers, and experienced tradesmen with years of working experience. While we have a catalogue of training courses, we also custom-design training based on your specific needs within your organization.

By request, we build teams within governments, companies and civic society organizations. We design and manage orientations and provide training for personal and professional development. Our executive training and coaching for micro and small businesses is a practical and valuable support to strengthen the capacity for success, within a dynamic global market place.

Business Support Services, Research & Consultancy

A company is more than a contract, building and a boss. A successful organization with a future must be agile and innovative, with a clear vision, even if it is to maintain current customers in this dynamic, post pandemic world.

At Marpê we provide Business Management Consultancy and support to critically review and strengthen or to design and implement operational systems, customized business models and strategically manage change through projects within companies and agencies of all sizes.

Within this new knowledge-based global marketplace, we are here to assist you and your organization to set and to achieve lasting success with financial stability.

Security & Investigation Services

Why Marpê Team

We listen, we analyze, we create solutions, we implement plans and we evaluate our interventions. We are future focused with the use of research and technology, ready to support companies, governments and people, throughout the developing world.

What You Get

We work with you and your team to make your desires become reality. You get someone assigned to you who listens to your need, then a customized plan and a team of experts is created just for you, as we partner with you and your team to achieve your desired success.