Who We Are?

Our human intelligence is measured in our ability to solve problems as we seek to make our world a better place. These solutions must engage us to review the systems created in our world and with courage make the decisions and changes for better governance in governments, better operations in businesses and greater honesty in ourselves. The beauty of our humanity must be deployed to develop our world for the better.

Rhonda M. Thomas

Founder & CEO

About Marpê

We are a full service company who work with clients within the private and public sectors, as well as individuals, to create the changes that matters to them, for their success. 

The word Marpȇ pronounced “mar-pay”, is a Hebrew word found in the Holy Bible, such as in Malachi 4:2 where it has been translated as ‘healing’. Marpȇ also means ‘restoration’, and it is a divine ability with authority which is sent to cause a positive change for the betterment of humanity. While we are not a religious organization, the word provides the path for the company and it directs what we do and how we do what we do. We have a unique way of caring for the people even while we apply the best scientific methods with technology and innovation. This we simply call the  Marpȇ Way of doing business.

The Caribbean & Latin America is our base and we are connecting the islands and countries internally, while expanding globally to connect this region with the rest of the world. Our focus is on maximizing the capacity of all people, hence we are able to harness their  creativity and vibrancy with products like our Country Vibes Magazine. This provides opportunities for companies to be seen and known internationally, while we connect with the diaspora to showcase different aspects of the people, festivals, businesses and events. We focus heavily on Training, as a core service to strengthen staff members from all government agencies, companies and persons who are self-employed. Our People Unit focuses on practical services to support wellness and quality living, even providing opportunities for vacations and physical healthcare. Our Facility Maintenance  & Construction Unit allows us to support industrial plants, commercial and domestic properties, in construction, maintenance and property management.  

The continent of Africa is a new place for us to provide our services and to support sustainable development. In response to the request from companies to assist them in achieving their success, we are solving problems through innovation for lasting benefits. We have created an African Global lifestyle publication called Jamii Magazine and we are excited to support as Africa reinvent itself and create a new future for the continent.  We have only just began.

Our team comprise of experts from a wide range of disciplines, who have international experiences. The professional titles of our consultants include accountants, project managers, trainers, lecturers, social workers, counselors, business managers, marketing manager, safety professional and a host of others, including welders, and carpenters. As we expand, we currently have employment vacancies for suitable individuals to join both local and global teams.

While many of our members hold academic qualifications, our approach is a blend of analytical and practical skills, with a strong respect for people and culture. This is what we call the ‘Marpê  Way’ of doing business.m

Our Vision

Marpê is a leader in innovation across key sectors within developing countries while preserving the beauty of culture and the environment.

We Believe

The success of individuals, organizations and governments is critical for the successful development of a country. 

Professional Conduct

Marpê Way of doing business is living the values we display to our clients within all areas of our company. Each team member is expected to conduct himself/herself with integrity and intelligence while adhering to our code of professional conduct. All stakeholders, who work with us in any capacity, is expected to operate with transparency and uphold our Code of Professional Conduct.

Our Core Values

These values we hold dear to us and it shapes the unique culture of of our company to produce the Marpê Way of doing business.  

  • Integrity
  • Hard Work
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Empathy
  • Fun