The Company

About Marpê

We are a full-service organization who work in developing countries to support companies, government agencies and families, to realize their vision and achieve success. Our work in different sectors enable us to meet the needs of  customers through creative solutions, with customized products and services. We design and deliver with an understanding of the unique circumstances  of each customer and their cultural realities.

The Caribbean region, Latin America, and the continent of Africa are currently the areas of our direct work. With our expertise and a global logistics system, we facilitate the sustainable growth of our customers so they can succeed in a dynamic global marketplace.  Marpê provides a range of products and services within selected industries. This multiplicity of what we offer enables us to bridge the gaps for companies of all sizes and it causes us to synergize our experiences for targeted solutions with high value. We draw upon global knowledge and we innovate to create new financial opportunities.

Marpê pronounced “mar-pay”, is a Hebrew word used in the Holy Bible in Malachi 4:2, translated as ‘healing’ and ‘restoration’; as a divine authority which causes a positive change for the development of humanity. While we are not a religious organization, the word Marpê provides the path for the company and it directs what we do and how we do it. We have a unique culture which embraces technology, creates knowledge with our customers and uses our range of experts in a projectized manner, we simply call the  Marpê Way of doing business. We care about who we are, we care about what we do and we care about our customers’ success. 

Our Core Fundamentals

We are a forward thinking organization who enjoys solving problems, especially in developing countries. We are fueled by these four pillars which define us as a company.  

Our Vision

We are building the company of the future, to support customers in the developing world to overcome environmental challenges, manage risks, enhance positive mindsets to learn, to embrace their success, to value people and to be cashflow positive.

Our Mission

To deliver safe and consistent quality work. To be trusted by our customers. To provide opportunities for skilled individuals, sub-contractors and companies, who share our values and are committed to applying their talents for the success of others.

Our Beliefs

We believe in using value engineering and problem-solving approaches to attain success. We believe in the use of expertise, scientific research and sound analysis, to achieving wins, with mutual respect to all involved. We believe in human beings and we respect non-harmful cultures.

Our Promise

To deliver value to all customers with integrity. To bring the best minds together to work in project teams and to coach, as we partner with you to achieve your goals. The individuals, the organization and the community will gain from our intervention.

Rhonda M. Thomas

Founder & CEO

“The measure of our development is seen through our ability to solve problems as we seek to make our world better for humanity. These solutions must challenge us to courageously review the existing systems and to innovate for a better functional world, with holistic growth and harmony. This is the beauty of being human.”

Marpê Values

We are a value-driven organization and we actualize our values both internally, among executive and team members and externally, with all our stakeholders and sub-contractors. This safeguards our vision, mission, beliefs and our promise. It enables us to attain quality delivery continuously and to always function at our best.


We value honesty and strong moral principles by all our internal and external stakeholders.

Customer Service

We value our customers and we take care of their needs by designing and delivering useful quality service.


Understanding the intensity of our work, we value the overall well being of our teams. We support the positive emotional stability of our internal and our external customers as we value people.

Team Work

For any vision to work, it takes teamwork. This is a core value we share with all stakeholders of Marpê. We work in harmony through productive and functional teams.


Through continuous research and improvements we make changes to deliver the best at all times. We embrace technology and advancements at all levels.


We dedicate ourselves to deliver high standards with each project, service and product. We come to work every day, committed to giving and to being excellent.


High safety standards is not only for our oilfield services but throughout the organization. We aim to maintain ZERO incidents and ZERO accidents in all our operations, and throughout our supply chains.

Team Members

Our team comprise of experts from a wide range of disciplines, with experiences from different parts of the world. The professional titles of our team members include accountants, project managers, trainers, lecturers, paramedics, inspectors, social workers, counselors, business managers, marketing manager, HSSE professionals and a host of others, including chiefs, writers, welders, and carpenters. As we expand, we have employment opportunities  for suitable individuals to join both local and global teams.

While many of our members hold academic qualifications, our approach is a blend of analytical and practical skills, with a strong respect for people and culture. This is part of our ‘Marpê  Way’ of doing business. 

Professional Conduct

Marpê Way includes living the values we display to our customers, within all areas of our company. Each team member is expected to conduct himself/herself with integrity and intelligence while adhering to our code of professional conduct.

Each stakeholder including sub-contractors are expected to operate with transparency and uphold our Code of Professional Conduct. 

Health Safety Security & Environment

 Our HSSE policy is implemented throughout our organization as part of our daily operations and within each division. The Marpê Way of doing business is underpinned with upholding the safety standards for zero accidents and zero incidences.