Marpê People Division

While money is important, people takes the center stage for living.  Every individual has to figure-out how to navigate through the streams of life and be successful at living. While the fundamentals for living is not the focus of our education system, some get-it and some don’t.

At Marpê we offer a range of holistic human development services, which promotes sound education, empowerment and the fundamentals through personal development. Health & wellness in mind, body and spirit is critical for successful living. See how we can be of service to you.

Medical Vacation to Cuba

Cuba is known globally for it’s high quality of medical care. We have partnered with the medical system of Cuba to offer medical vacation packages for physical and eye care. For preventative or curative medical services Contact Us to discuss your specific need.   

Employee Assistance Program

This is a program aimed at employers within both the private and public sectors. The mental health of your staff members can have a negative impact on the overall health and profitability of your company. We provide support to employees through an organized program for your company. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and create a program that is right for your company.  

Counseling & Social Work Services

We provide human development services for individuals who recognize their need. Give yourself and family individuals the same level of attention and care and attention as you give to your vehicle. We can support you at any stage in life. Contact Us to discuss your need.

Human Development Consultancy

Research and innovation within the areas of human is a challenge our team has taken, as we work with post-slavery countries like the Caribbean & Americas. As developing nations with governments who has been mandated to provide for all its citizen,  Marpê provides a new approach to human development. Contact US to discuss your needs.